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Yonggye Danggeurae Village

Yonggye Danggeurae Villagev

A village with an altitude of 500 meters has clean waters, winds, and shining stars at night, providing its visitors with an excellent chance to share their memories.

Danggeurae Village was once called Yonggye in the past. Its current name came from the agricultural tool used to plow the earth, representing that this place will serve as a tool for making dreams come true. The scent of apple blossoms welcomes visitors in the spring, as a large apple orchard is present at the entrance of the village. In autumn, red-ripe apples cover all over the apples tress. Visitors may also enjoy diverse exhibitions and try plowing the ground using “Danggeurae.”
  • Address: 6, Yonggye-gil, Jangsu-eup, Jangsu-gun
  • Contact: Kim Seung-gon (Representative) 063-351-0128

Tofu making, apple harvesting, and experiences with apple blossom