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Jangsu Beef and Apple Festival

Among twenty recommended festivals in Korea,

Jangsu Beef and Apple Festival

Citizens of Jangsu participated from the planning stage of this festival, which seeks to promote a win-win effect among producers and consumers through the region’s agricultural and livestock specialties.

Every year, many visitors join this environmentally-friendly festival, which attempts to raise the reputation of local specialties and to stimulate the development of Jangsu. Jangsu Beef and Apple Festival is unique in a way that it specializes red-colored agricultural products, including beef, apple, schizandra, and tomato. This festival raises the pride of Jangsu citizens.
  • Time and Venue: For three days, one week prior to Korean Thanksgiving Day / Uiam Park in Jangsu-gun (Dusan-ri, Jangsu-eup)
  • Contact: Agricultural Income Division, Agricultural Technology Center - 063-350-5447, 5449 / Committee of Jangsu Beef and Apple Festival - 063-350-2844~5

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